Standing Committee Chairs

William Lyons, House Committee
Harry Todd (Interim), Entertainment Committee
Kenneth Jordan, Ritual Committee
Stephen Spence, Judiciary Committee
Kenneth Jordan, Elections Committee
Paul Bryant, Budget and Finance Committee
Burke Gaddis, Presidents Council
Jay PrestageMilton Fletcher, Strategic Alliance Team
John Green, Reclamation and Retention Committee

Ad-Hoc Committee Chairs / National Programs

Stephen Shepard, Community Service
Stephen Shepard & Corey Ward, Chapter of the Year
Alex Johnson, March of Dimes, Welcome & Orientation
Toine Murphy & Michael R’ichard, A Voteless People is a Hopeless People
Damon Rodgers, Project Alpha
Jeffrey Nzoma & Courtney Robinson, College Chapter Relations and Recruitment
Arthur Hampton, Brother’s Keeper
Open, Health and Fitness
Open, Orientation and Welcome Committee
James Heath, Alburn Elvin & Marvin Cook, Council of Counselors
Open, E-Board Assistance Committee
Terrance Johnson, Damon Rodgers, Michael Reaves, Richard Doss, Carlos DeBose & Donald Walker, Chaplin Corp
Chioke Bracy, Spirit and Step Team
James Tate, Constitution Review and Amendment
Jerome Espy, Media Outreach

Event Chairs

Robert Hawkins & Kevin Kendrick, National Founders Day Observance
Toine Murphy, M.L.K Day Observance
Keith Richardson, Chapter Founder’s Day
Desmond BakerJon-Phillip Harold, Chapter Picnic
Auburn Elvin, Floods Summer Event